About LaMouche

We are a few Canadians always in search of ways to have fun either as a group or individually without having to leave the country. We love to go out and party, dance, listen to music, grab a delicious meal and enjoy it in a fun setting.

We’re all into just making the most of our busy lives by setting time aside to enjoy ourselves.

You could say we are a little picky, though. When we go out as a team, we like to make sure we are at the absolute best places. Even when we’re stuck at home, we have come up with several ideas, so the free time isn’t sacrificed to boredom.

Oftentimes, our friends and family come to us for advice on what to do for a vacation or free time.

The Team’s Goal

Featured image About LaMouche The Teams Goal - About LaMouche

As a team, we understand the necessity for releasing all the stress that comes from having a stable and responsible attitude towards life. It is our goal to help as many people as possible to achieve this objective by making sure they are updated on fun activities, venues, and events they can attend.

The ultimate goal is to become the top website choice all Canadians and visitors check out before planning their fun outings, or when they are having a hard time coming up with ideas for entertainment.